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Applied Information Technology Program

This program is completely industry driven.   It has a unique delivery methodology and provides a collaborative learning environment.  The program's "team" approach allows students to develop superior group skills and problem solving abilities.  These are combined with highly relevant technical skills.  ITI graduates have the professional skills required to work in a collaborative environment where "change" and "adaptability" are essential.

Several practical team projects are completed over the duration of the program.  Proper analysis and design is the focus of each project.  Team projects allow for practical application of the concepts learned during technical instruction.  Presentations are made at the end of each project.

Also incorporated are exercises in team dynamics (e.g. conflict resolution, team communication, stress management), technical documentation and user guide development.

Evaluation Criteria

Collaborative Learning Viewed as a good team player.
Personal Performance Focused to meet established goals, accepts responsibility.
Decision Making Good judgement of amount, quality, and use of info.
Communication Works well in environment, professional, co-operative.
Leadership Builds consensus, provides direction to team members.


Modules Title


Fundamentals of Network Computing 8
Network Software Development with Visual Basic 6.0 12
Object-Oriented Programming in Java 5
Oracle 8: Network Database Application Development 8