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Web Development Skills

In the process of working on our web presence project and through out the course we are being introduced to many new techniques and skills.  The Idea of this page is to simply list these skills and add comments as new experiences and insights occur.



HTML With the introduction of WYSIWYG editors, HTML content pages can be rapidly generated.
Dynamic HTML Dynamic HTML was used to generate the moving title bar in this portfolio site.   The question is will plugin applications like Flash over shadow further Dynamic HTML development and implementation.
Flash 4.0 Flash was used for the intro to this site and the web presence site.   The possibilities with Flash and Director 7 seem to be endless.   Once the basics are understood and the use of coding added (FSCommand and JavaScripting with Flash), the options really become interesting.  An added bonus is that Flash and Director are compatible with all browsers.
ActiveX ActiveX component were used in our project site to create a scrolling text box as well as the drop down menu linked to the Castagliari logo.
JavaScript The main focus of the course was on VBScript.  But due to Netscape not supporting VBScript JavaScript was used in the initial welcome screen were the browser type was detected.  This process was further complicated by the different levels of Dynamic HTML support.  JavaScript was also used in this potfolio site to generate the menu bar.
VBScript VBScript was a good introduction to web site development but is limited as it is only supported by Internet Explorer.
Active Server Pages Active Server Pages were used in the web presence project and will also be implemented in the Visual Basic project.

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