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Request for Proposal (RFP) and Proposals

As part of the Visual Basic and Java modules, at ITI, the team was presented with a RFP's.  In the Visual Basic module the RFP was for a Task management system and in Java the RFP was for the Virtual Placement application.  A response in the form of a proposal was written and submitted.  To successfully complete the proposal the team was required to:

The completed proposal can be downloaded by clicking here.  Below is an excerpt from the Task Management RFP. I was directly responsible for this section of the proposal.

2.3 Technical Architecture

The proposed logical architecture is a component distributed 3-tier design. We believe this will best fulfill the project requirements and allow a high degree of compatibility with the present operating environments.


Proposed 3-Tier Design

A 3-tier design refers to a user interface tier, a business tier and a database tier. This design has been widely used and has been shown to achieve both database scalability and application reliability. Scalability and reliability are accomplished using Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) to manage the database connectivity through Data Services objects (see the distributed 3-tier architecture diagram). Other advantages include; easier application upgrades and maintenance, improved reusability of code and encapsulation of code. The encapsulation will reduce potential interactions with other application due to the reduced scope of the code.

RFPTierd.gif (5543 bytes)

User Interface Services              Business Services                    Data Services                            .

Distributed 3-Tier Logical Architecture


Proposed Distribution

To maintain application speed it is proposed that both the user interface services and business services are run on the client computers. This will reduce the amount of information transferred over the network. The data services would be run on the network server with the database. It is also proposed that the ASP pages and associated business services be run on a separate web server. This is to help protect the main network server from potential data loss from internet based activity. If the hardware for a separate web server is not feasible, this feature can be implemented on the main company server. The web server will use Internet Information Server (IIS) to manage the ASP's and the web connection.

RFPDeploy.gif (5385 bytes)

Deployment Diagram


Operation and Development Environments

As specified in the RFP, the proposed system will be developed and compiled in Visual Basic 6. The environment is perfectly suited to object oriented programming. The proposed system and architecture is compatible with the existing hardware.

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