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Martin Palmer BSc, MCSD, MCAD


Over the past few months, I have taken the opportunity to realize some of my bucket list items.One of my passions is the natural environment and wildlife photography.Although I have often wanted to head off to isolated locations to observe and photograph some exotic species, dedication to work and family has never allowed me the opportunity.Since I now had some time I visited the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula in November, and in February I was able to get close to polar bears cubs and their mother in Manitoba.You can see the results here.

Currently, I am assisting the College of Dietitians of BC (CDBC) with the implementation of a new IT environment. CDBC are working with the College of Registered Nurses of BC on a shared IT environment.As a trusted advisor Iím helping to bridge the gap between the 2 groups and ensure that key IT related details are considered.

Previously while I was working at Western Forest Products (WFP), I managed the system development team.My responsibilities included development of system integrations, applications and business intelligence.WFP is a forestry company that historically had a very poor IT environment.The application support was vender driven, resulting in applications that provided patchy coverage of the companyís processes and created islands of data with incompatible key fields.To deal with the application limitations, poorly thought out process were organically created to fill in the gaps. Sometimes one off integrations were developed, by vendors or consultants to connect some of the systems.With no development standards or controls, it resulted in a poor performing, unsupportable environment.Unfortunately this is not an uncommon story in the resource industry.About five years ago, the CFO hired a new IT management team to rectify the situation.

I was hired as an integration architect to build a solution to the system integration problems and was later promoted to the Manager of Integration and Development.The integration platform I architected for WFP consisted of WCF services and Microsoftís Service Bus to deliver both request-response and event bus messaging patterns. The services implemented a standardized set of components to provide guaranteed message delivery, dynamic routing, connectivity, exception and instrumentation services.This allowed the developer to focus on the development of the business logic rather than the component plumbing.This architecture provided consistency, reusability, extendibility and maintainability.

As the development team manager, my philosophy was to build a small, highly skilled team that would take ownership the WFPís application environment.Due to the small size of the team, external resources were a necessity, but all application designs were reviewed and approved by the development team.They were also required to follow WFPís coding standards.This meant future support could be done confidently with internal resources.

The first areas I tackled was the standardization of development processes.This included coding standards, design documentation, deployment scripts and source control.Source control was a particular challenge as there were some critical systems where the source code had been lost or not provided by the consultant who had written the code.One such system was WFPís accounts payable application (APFlo).APFlo was a critical finance system that was prone to failure during the month end process.Over several years there had been 3 or 4 failed attempts to replace APFlo.The projects failed due to the high cost associated with the project.I proposed a solution low cost solution that would result in the addition of a workflow platform (K2) to the IT environment.The idea was that K2 could then be leveraged to improve many other WFP processes.We also implemented an OCR platform that was extendable so it too had the potential of being leveraged in other processes.The new AP system utilized the integration platform to move data between components.The integration platform allowed the receipt of invoices through other channels, such as an online web form, excel upload or EDI.The project team included 2 external vendors that provided OCR and K2 expertise and internal resources that programed the backend services to a defined API and reports.I architected and project managed the project and it was delivered on time and on budget.

Governance and transparency of the IT resource allocation was tackled by implementing a new IT management system. The initialization process for system enhancements or new applications included business feedback and approvals to make sure the projects were prioritized to provide maximum business value.Once the project was approved, if required, I was responsible for creating an architectural specification to ensure the project would result in an improvement to the interoperability or maintainability of the overall IT environment.I also developed a set of architectural principals to align the different WFP departments with a common philosophy around implementing IT systems and leveraging IT resources.

Unfortunately the CFO who started the renewal of WFPís IT systems left the company.The new CFO, from a different forestry company, has replaced the IT management team and is returning the company to a vendor driven model.This resulted in the loss of many of the talented team members throughout WFPís IT group.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and if you have any questions please contact me.



To support business objectives by promoting the implementation of an efficient, standardized and maintainable IT architectures and development processes.This approach leads to better defined IT environments that are easier to support and provide greater business value.

Experience Summary

         Over 17 yearsí experience architecting and developing multi-tiered enterprise applications.

         Managed the enterprise architecture and development team for a billion dollar international forestry company.

         Managed contracts and relationships with 3rd party development teams and vendors.

         Built and managed a small efficient development team, augmenting it with external contractors for larger projects.

         Implemented code and process standardizations to improve system functionality, stability, maintainability and reduce the cost of development.

         Successfully built or enhanced over 20 enterprise solutions.These solutions include system to system and business to business integrations and business process improvement applications.

         Architected the instrumentation for Vancityís Integration Service Layer (ISL).

Employment History

IT Consultant

(Feb 2017 - Present)

College of Dietitians of BC, Vancouver, B.C.

         Provide guidance to the College of Dietitians during the implement of a shared IT environment with a consortium of Canadian medical colleges.

         Reviewing the agreement to identify any technical issues that the college needs to consider around Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)

         Reviewing the consortium's infrastructure with respect to physical security, data security, backup processes, disaster recovery and fault tolerance.

Manager of Development and Integration

(Jan 2014 Ė Oct 2016)

Western Forest Products, Vancouver, B.C.

As part of the IT management team, I was responsible for the architecture and development of all custom applications, including business intelligence and system integrations.

         Implemented coding, source control and documentation standards to improve code maintainability.

         Implemented new deployment processes that significantly reduced deployment errors.

         Introduced new architecture concepts into a monolithic web portal, reducing the need for high risk deployments.The concepts included; a service orientated security service allowing the development of new disconnected web applications that could leverage the portals security model and the introduction of an upload tool that implemented Dependency Injection to enabled dynamic functionality updates.

         Architected a custom Accounts Receivable (AP) system using K2 workflow, K2 forms and ABBYY optical character recognition (OCR).I also project managed the development of the AP system using both internal and external resources to deliver the project on time and on budget.

         Created an enterprise data model to assist in planning core business applications refresh projects.

         Worked with the infrastructure team, software vendors and Oracle to ensure WFP's environment was compliant with Oracles licensing.

         Participated in software selection processes for both Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-site applications.My role was to assess the technical requirements, system architecture, hardware and network requirements, data security and system integration.

         Negotiated with Data Intensity to provide backup DBA resources.

         Mentored the BI developer to validate BI designs to enhance an existing enterprise DW.

         Worked with the BI developer to select a tool to merge data from dissimilar DWs and other potential data sources.Isolated DWís are being introduced with the system refreshes. This concept was designed to get IT ahead of the business requirements for a unified enterprise data environment.

         Worked with the infrastructure team to support a data center migration project including mapping out system/server dependencies.

         Participated in the migration of WFPís Lumber ERP system to a new application called LumberTrack.I was directly responsible for integration to the LumberTrack system with JDE, Canadian and US banks, a customs broker and standardizing of the integration with 3 different lumber production tally systems.

Integration Specialist/Architect

(Jun 2013 Ė Dec 2013)

Western Forest Products, Vancouver, B.C.

         Architected and develop the framework for a service orientated integration platform that included dynamic routing and fault tolerance.The integration environment used WCF and Microsoftís Service Bus to deliver request-response and event bus messaging patterns. (Service Orientated Programming)

         The integration platform consisted of standardized components to provide routing, connectivity, exception and instrumentation services to the integration environment.This architecture added consistency, reusability, extendibility and maintainability to the integration environment (Aspect Orientated Programming).

         Built a test harnesses to validate the integration platforms performance capabilities and test for memory leaks.

Contract Integration Developer

(Jan 2012 Ė Jun 2013)

VanCity, Vancouver, B.C.

         Participated in a team of integration developers to build a unified integration service layer.

         Architecture a custom BizTalk streaming pipeline and instrumentation layer for the ISL.

         Successfully extended the Business Rules Itinerary (BRI) and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) resolution functionality in Microsoftís ESB Toolkit, to provide improved message routing for the ISL

         Worked with the Integration Solution Architect on the design of the new ISL environment.

         Guided the infrastructure team on setting up and configuring the ISL environments.

         ISL development teamís Build Manager.

Senior Application Specialist

(Oct 2003 Ė Jan 2012)

Catalyst Paper Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.

         Lead application developer for a Chemical Accountability project.The project is projected to save Catalyst tens of millions of dollars.

         Administrator of Catalystís SCOM environment.

         Architected and designed the APMS tool for describing the complex dependencies in distributed enterprise environments.APMS is now the back bone for Catalystís Help Desk.

         Architect/team lead for the largest .Net application development project accomplished by the company.Coordinated tasks for 6 developers.

         Architected a highly configurable and dynamic customer EDI solution using BizTalk.

         Reducing the cost of maintaining Catalystís messaging solution by promoting the creation of a unified application design for the migration of all Catalyst EDI communications.

         Developed multiple SharePoint applications utilizing InfoPath and Workflows.

         Developed services to support the move to a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA).

Application Developer

(Jan 2003 - Oct 2003)

ResponseTek, Vancouver, B.C.

         Responsible for maintenance and development of ASP code for Customer Experience Management Portal.

         Build Manager - Responsible for tracking modified files and preparing transports lists for production builds.

Contract Consultant

(Feb 2002 - Aug 2002)

B.C. Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs, B.C.

         Developed web presence, member portal and prioritized functionality for project, based on business requirements, cost of implementation and cost of maintenance.

Associate Consultant

(Sept 2000 - Apr 2002)

Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Vancouver, B.C.

         Developed automated web-based server outage alert and reporting system for BC Gas.Application included an outage request interface, notification, review process, and approval process.The portal included ability to personalize user experience.

         Developed a web portal for BC Gas employees to access user specific data.The project included personalization of web pages.

Project Manager

(Sept 1997 - Oct 1999)

Shocking Colors Electrostatic Painting, Surrey, B.C.

         Planned and managed daily operations included negotiating with clients and establishing efficient project plans.During my 2 years with Shocking Colors, the company became profitable, increasing its sales by 25%.

SCUBA Instructor/Sales


Adventures Down Under, Bellingham, WA, U.S.A.

         Worked as a team member, with other instructors and teaching assistants, to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Technical Proficiencies

Development Tools:

Visual Studio

Internet Information Server

Team Foundation Server



Programming Languages:


Java Script



System Software:

Window Server

SQL Server

K2 Workflow

K2 Forms

BizTalk Server



Business Skills:

Development Team Management

Enterprise Architecture

Solution Architecture

Data Architecture

Project Management

Application Release Management

Requirements Analysis


Client Relations

Vendor Relations

Development Certifications:

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) - C#, BizTalk, XML and Architecture

(Aug 2007)


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) Ė Visual Basic 6, BizTalk, Architecture

(Apr 2002)

Training (Highlights):

Webage Solutions, Vancouver, B.C.


WA2325 Solution Architecture

(Jun 2015)

UBC Sauder School of Business, Vancouver, B.C.


Executive Education Course in 'Essential Management Skills'

(Feb 2014)

QuickLearn, Redmond, Washington, U.S.A.


BizTalk 2010 Developer Deep Dive

(Oct 2011)

Webage Solutions, Vancouver, B.C.


WA1471 Service Oriented Architecture for Architects

(Dec 2007)

Mindsharp, Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.


SharePoint Developer 2007

(Oct 2007)

Quantum Leap, Vancouver, B.C.


Business Presentations

(May 2007)

CDI, Vancouver, B.C.


1846A: Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Essentials

(Jan 2006)



Developing E-Business Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004

(Nov 2005)



BA20: How to Gather and Document User Requirements

(May 2005)

Human Factors International, Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A.


The Science and Art of Effective Web Design

(Jun 2001)


Information Technology Institute, Vancouver, B.C.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Applied Information Technology Diploma

(Nov 1999 - Jul 2000)


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Graduate Studies in Medicinal Chemistry

(Sept 1992 - Nov 1995)


University of Hull, Hull, England. ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


2(i) Honors Degree in Bio-organic Chemistry and Toxicology

(Sept 1988 - Jun 1991)



         Wildlife and landscape photography

         Designing and building fine furniture

         Outdoor sports including scuba diving, hiking, camping and rock climbing.