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Information Technology Institute (ITI)

This page links to different sections of my original E-Portfolio.  The original E-Portfolio was created during the last 2 months of studying Applied Information Technology at ITI.  

ITI uses collaborative and problem-based learning methodologies to develop technical, problem-solving, and project management skills, and prepare students to be a valuable, team-oriented member of the workplace. ITI aids in the development of skills to find solutions to real-world business problems as part of a project team, simulating an IT industry-based work environment.  More information on ITI can be found at www.iti.com and ITI's curriculum for 2000.

ITI Projects
Web Presence - House of Castagliari
Visual Basic 6 - Placement Agency
Visual Age for Java - Placement Agency
Oracle 8i - Project Tracking Application

ITI Development Skills
Web Development
Application Development

Unified Modeling Language (UML) and GUIDS
RFP and Proposals

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